What’s in a Name?

24 Mar

In a strange turn of fate, out of curiosity I asked my father what my name was when I was born. He had a strange look on his face at first , when he said my mother had named me, despite the fact it was not a name he approved of. To add injury to insult ,she named me after her lover’s sister , despite the fact , her lover was not the father of me.It had been her way of rubbing salt in the wound, silently punishing my father simply because she was married to him , and not her lover, who summarily dismissed her from his life when she became pregnant. Seelah… was the name given to me.. and it was a name that would always mean shame to me. When I asked him what was the name he preferred, he smiled softly before he answered ” Danya….it was your great grandmother’s name.. it was supposed to be yours but your dam would have nothing of it”

When I told him that my first set of foster parents, thought I looked more like a Danu,or Dani as they are fond of calling me , he started chuckling before commenting ” I must say , they certainly had good taste in seems like Fate has decided your name was to be Dani ,no matter the name given to you ” Nodding I smile before whispering ” I think I will keep the name Danya…I never knew the reason why my foster parents named me Danu, and I doubt I could ever use the name Seelah, without wanting to vomit. ” He nodded a warm smile crossing his face , before he surprised us both by planting a fatherly kiss on my forehead .It was the first genuine expression of affection he bestowed upon me.. and.. it felt good.!

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One response to “What’s in a Name?

  1. wowstorylines

    March 25, 2013 at 6:05 am

    It sounds like things are getting to be good finally for her. Things are looking up.


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