Aftermath Pt 2

March 26

Time seems to pass so fast in some instances, yet drag so long in others; since we were rescued  each day seemed to blend into another ,to the point where I can’t tell anymore. Though the sweetest moment was when we were reunited with my love once again .To see his handsome face , to feel his arms around me , and his heart against was heaven. The most poignant moment was when little Mirren broke down in tears after being reunited with her father once again.. my poor baby missed her father so much ; she’s definitely her daddy’s girl.. she’s so solemn,and skittish now.. every unknown sound makes her shake and tremble ; it will be a long time before my little girl remembers how to laugh.. to forget what its like to be fearful.. at least I hope . Her little brother took a little bit getting used to their father; it was a touching moment when they finally got to meet. Fnar was in Draenor, when Romar was born.. it will take some time before they are comfortable with each other… at least our son is young enough to adjust easily enough.

The healers say, I’m not ready for travelling yet, that I need rest still to recover from my ordeal…with Birsa still in a coma ; I’m not arguing the point much..though deep down I want to be back at our little ranch with my husband .. yes. I said it.. though we have not made formal vows ; we have made our vows to ourselves.. once I am stronger, I intend to make it official so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he and I  are married. Some people may think I am being jealous  no… I am not jealous.. I am territorial..and I will fight to protect what is mine from any encroacher ,who dares to trifle with my mate and family. Jealousy is for those who want something they can’t have.. territorial, is protecting what you have already.

I should sign off here, and check on my little ones ; Mirren needs constant assurance that I am not going anywhere. I have already had a visit from some officer of the Bloodknights, who heard about Mirren’s abilities ,and would like to have her trained further but right now  is not the time..its too soon; she’s a still a baby, and she needs her family more than she needs to taken away from training.While some would argue that it’s irresponsible of me , to have her trained . to have her learn control of her abilities…I also know that her tender age, she would be vulnerable against the predations of those who would use her power to further their own gains. If she is to be trained, it will be by someone both Fnar and I trust, not some faceless stranger who could twist and manipulate our little girl. Mirren is special, and after what she’s been through.. she needs to be handled delicately. I have killed before, I won’t hesitate to do so again , if someone tries to harm my family.


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Aftermath Pt 1


Odal. Family. The wisdoms of our ancestors, the name that they have given us, that which we have inherited, that we will give to our children. Listen. Odal
ᛟᛟ[Lyrics]ᛟᛟ Me er eit gamalt tre Med nysprungne knoppar Mot sola me strekke oss Fram for å vekse høyr Langt nere i rot og ringar av år Kvea ei gamle høyr Langt nere i rot og ringar av år I barken sitt sår Dei vitnar om ære Dei vitnar om nid _Somme svir meir enn andre_x2 refrain Sjå meg djupt i augene blå du må forstå Hugs at alle eingogn forlét Natta den kjem Eg gjev deg din odel Om du vil ha Den fer ikkje fra Tungt den veger Hugs, ta ikkje meir enn du orkar å bere -djupt i jord gjev rot deg retning Når stormar fer Dei knakande Kvedar Kvedar- refrain for kvar einaste spire vart me høgare og djupare Odal
Feb 8
 Looking at my children asleep, I still have a hard time, believing we are finally safe..its only been a few weeks but the nightmare still holds us firmly in its grasp.I sleep in restful fits .. one ear open always… hyper alert since our time on the run. My babies were in danger.. I needed every ounce of my courage.. every resource I could muster to protect my young. A mother wolf is always the most dangerous when her mate and cubs were in danger but for how long..? How long could the mother wolf hold off danger ,when it keeps coming ?!
 When rescue came.. it came in an unlikely source… a Sin’dorei named Kallina ; an ancient being , of a time past. She was a Demonhunter.. a scourge to the Legion..a presence they did not welcome but she was our saviour. It wasn’t long before we were found by the search parties.. Kallina had taken her duties seriously as our protector ,and made certain that no demon ever came close to us . It was Mirren, that caught Kallina’s attention; my little girl had come into her power early,and from what Kallina said, her radiance shone like a star, attracting Kallina’s attention, and bringing her to our aide.
  Once we got home.. and heightened adrenaline had finally ebbed, the nightmares started coming.. my babies were afraid to sleep,and I must admit… I wasn’t too willing to relax either.It was hard to let go of the vigilance I had maintained over the time we were lost .My little girl ,shouldn’t have had to lose her innocence like that ; she should haven’t had to learn first hand that monsters were real.. her father and I had tried so hard to make sure she was safe.If I had only known then what I know now. I would have never stepped foot on that zeppelin. Birsa, was still in critical condition .. the healers don’t know if she will recover or not.. the wounds she took were severe.. the blades that cut her..fel tainted.. which was worse than poison ..we were taken when we were small children. before the arcane tainted our people.. turned them into addicts. For ones who were pure ,untouched by arcane addiction.. to be tainted like that, was like pure acid.
  While I worry about Birsa.. my children hold my greatest concern . Mirren is far too young to control the power that she holds inside her..she will need training..and I fear to let her out of my sight as she is still traumatized by our ordeal. She is strong but she shouldn’t have to be.. she’s just a little girl..she only turned four ; we need to get back to Halfhill.. back to the farm.. back to our home.. where she can be a little girl again.. where she can forget about what she had seen. Romar..thankfully , seems so blissfully unaware of the close calls he’s been through.. my little much like his father, yet he has alot of me in him as well.He was born,while his father was stationed in Draenor, so he never got to meet his father; I’m  hoping that will change when he gets word that we have been found .I can only hope that our ordeal has not left its mark on my son.. hard enough to see my daughter suffer the nightmares ,to have her traumatized by our experience ..its etched in our heads.. its only a matter of time, to see whether it will make her strong.. or break her . All I can say.. is that. at least if she does crack.. she will be surrounded by her family… she won’t go through this alone.. my baby will not suffer the way I did when I lost my mother and baby brother, at the tip of the Scourge’s blade. She will not be forced to pick up the blade that felled her loved ones, like I did..nor will she be forced to fight for her life..she will have the life she was meant to have.. carefree.. happy.. her father and I will see to it that she will never have to endure what she has suffered again.
 I need to sign off here for now…my baby needs me right now, and she needs to know, she is not alone .
 Signing off
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Horns of Valhalla Call


Lyrics: Helvegen Kven skal synge meg i daudsvevna slynge meg når eg helvegen går og dei spora eg trår er kalde så kalde, så kalde Eg songane søkte Eg songane sende då den djupaste brunni gav meg dråpar så ramme av Valfaders pant Alt veit eg Odin kvar du auge løynde Kven skal synge meg i daudsvevna slynge meg når eg helvegen går og dei spora eg trår er kalde så kalde Årle ell i dagars hell enn veit ravnen om eg fell Når du ved helgrindi står og når laus deg må rive skal eg fylgje deg yver gjallarbrui med min song Du blir laust frå banda som bind deg Du er løyst frå banda som batt deg “Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjalfr it sama, en orðstírr deyr aldregi, hveim er sér góðan getr. Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjalfr it sama, ek veit einn, at aldrei deyr: dómr um dauðan hvern.” ………………………………………………………………… Translated Lyrics: The Way To Hel (Helvegen) “Who shall sing me In(to) death-sleep sling me When I walk the way of Hel And the tracks I tread are cold, so cold I sought the songs I sent the songs When the deepest well Gave me drops so harsh From Valfaders pledge All know I Odin, where you (your) eye hid Early or in the days end, still knows the raven if I fall When you stand at the gate of Hel And when you have to tear free I will/shall follow you Across Gjallarbru with my song / Past the bridge of Gjöll with my song You become free from the bonds that binds you! You are free from the bonds that bound you!” “Cattle die, kinsmen die, you yourself soon must die; but there is one thing that never dies, the fair fame that one has earned. “Cattle die, kinsmen die, you yourself soon must die; but there is one thing that never dies, the doom on each one dead.” – – (Hàvamàl 76-77)


It was bitterly cold…as if the skies were weeping like a mother for a lost child; the winds cut through the thick robes and cloaks of all those gathered by the shoreline waiting for the funeral procession to arrive. It wasn’t long before the procession arrived, the huscarls bore the litter upon their broad shoulders, carrying the body of Old Einar to the ship that would carry his soul to Valhalla to feast in the halls with Odyn and all the warriors who went before him. Many of those who knew and loved the old warrior,gathered by the shoreline to pay their last respects and honor the man, who had been a large part of their lives.. Many of the warriors and shield maidens owed their training and skills to the old man ,and they stood proudly holding their blades aloft in honor to their late mentor. Archers lined the shoreline.. their arrows ready to be lit by the purifying flame. It would be their duty to light the barge as it began its journey to Valhalla.

Brynyarr stood among them, his face was stoic, and appeared to be cut from stone as he watched the procession move towards the shoreline. Huln, Old Einar’s faithful companion, awaited his master on the barge.. it took all the warriors in the village to carry the massive grizzly onto the barge from where he died ,shortly after his master. It would not be the same without either of them around ; the village would seem smaller by comparison without the presence of the grizzly ,and the grizzled old veteran.

The huscarls carefully laid the litter upon the dais of the boat, which in itself was a masterpiece of work. The shipwrights outdid themselves.. normally a boat like this was reserved for a thane ,or a Jarl.. but with unanimous decision of the Elder  council; they decided it was only right that Old Einar was sent off in the manner befitting one of high rank. In their eyes, he earned that right. Brynyarr’s eyes traced the curved lines of the barge.. the sleekness of her hull ,the magnificent dragon’s head upon the prow of the ship. Old Einar was sent with barrels of mead, furs, and food to accompany him on his journey;and Bryn knew that when his time came.. he would find the old man in the halls, feasting and drinking with his old friends and family. His daughter placed many of her finest works on the barge with her father; her face was pale , her blue eyes , red rimmed from crying  were dry as she observed the rites from a short distance away.. as much as Bryn wanted to go over and comfort her , he knew she would not welcome it .Birgitta , was an enigma to most of the young men in the village.. most of them wanted to take her as their wife but she would have none of them, preferring her forge rather then being courted. Like Bryn , she was unique .

Dragging his attention back to the present, he watched as the huscarls pushed the barge out until the tide caught hold of it, and let it go. The birdlike notes of their funeral dirge ,sung by  Bryn’s younger sister ,began to ring out ,as the wind caught the sail and began pushing the boat to open water.. the archers taking their cue.. began firing into the barge, as one of the Huscarls began lighting up their arrows with a torch . They watched as the flaming arrows struck, the barge; watching as gradually the flames took purchase and began setting the vessel  ablaze.  Bryn watched as the barge was engulfed by the flames , heedless of the bitter cold ,his eyes unwavering as he stood silently among the mourners who all joined in the dirge , singing their last respects to the old man .

He never noticed when the rest of the mourners left, his eyes still remaining on the spot where the barge once was,  the flames having  claimed it, until it sank beneath the waves blackened and spent.. its purpose fulfilled, its journey done. He hoped that one day when it came time for him to enter Valhalla , he would recieve a sendoff like Old Einar..Looking to  his right , he could see Birgitta standing by the shoreline , her shoulders slumped ,as if the weight of the world  was starting to bear on her, now that her father was gone. He had to admit , that she was a fine looking woman ; probably the finest looking one in the village.. he couldn’t deny that he had been attracted to her as well..but respected her wishes and kept his distance.  He also knew that without the presence of her father and Huln around; the other young men would  pursue her relentlessly; feeling braver  without the large grizzly around to chase them off, nor her father’s warning growl. All he could do, is be there for her when she needed help, and be her friend.

He was lost in his thoughts and nearly jumped when a hand touched his shoulder,and he looked down , surprised to see Birgitta standing next to him. Giving him one of her  rare smiles she murmured ” Thank you Bryn…for being here to honor my father , on his last journey” he nodded before replying ” Your father was a good man.. he deserved to be honored.. I will miss him greatly  but I suspect , not as much as you will.” adding kindly , trying not to get lost in her eyes.

Birgitta nodded a faint ghost of a smile on her face” The house will seem empty without him, nor Huln to fill it.. maybe I should have been done my duty as a proper daughter ,and gotten married, had a family like he desired.. he had wanted grandchildren.. I thought I had plenty of time to do its too late ” she speaks forlornly , her eyes welling up as she turns to gaze at the spot where the barge had sunk beneath the waves . Bryn shook his head ” No, Birgitta.. your father was proud of you, he was proud of your accomplishments as a smith. He wanted you to be happy, and knew that you would chafe at being tied to house and home , if you married to please him . He didn’t lack for children to tell stories to , or teach… all the children in the village looked up to him like a grandfather…he won’t be forgotten ” his voice trails off ” he… will never be forgotten ” gaining a grateful look from her. Giving his shoulder a pat she nods ” He thought well of you, said you had alot of potential, and the willingness to adapt to any situation; out of all the people he trained, he said you had a natural gift .” she reveals to  him before taking her leave to head to the warmth of the forge leaving him to his thoughts and memories.




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Jan 4

After many months of searching .. the search parties finally found the missing women and children; thanks to the aide of an unlikely heroine, who had happened to be in area and found the missing party. It was through her , that they were able to mount a rescue party ,and bring the women and children home to the safety of  their family.

After setting eyes upon his missing sister, Birsa and the children, after so many monthes, Tywin was shocked to see how thin the two women were. compared to the children, who were looking robust and healthy.. it was immediately apparent that the two women ,didn’t eat much ; only enough to keep them going ,making certain that the children came first, They had to bring Birsa back in a stretcher, as she had been grievously injured ,and unconsious. It was thanks to the diligent care of the druid Fierced, who kept the young sindorei woman  alive .. sadly they had lost a member of their party.. the Forsaken mage, Madra Gwyn, had sacrificed herself to buy time for Romy, and Fierced to get Birsa, and the children to a new hiding place,which was slowly becoming increasingly difficult to find .

Unfortunately for them , the news spread to the other demons that there were children in the area, and they began searching more intently for the party , intent on getting their hands on the little ones.  However it would become their downfall; as the hunters were soon about to become prey to another hunter. who had arrived in the area, and had taken notice of the demons search.


Newly released from the warden’s prison after ten thousand years, the demonhunter Kaellina was itching to shed some demonblood, when word reached her that a zeppelin had crashed down in Mt Hyjal but no one could find the survivors. Doing a bit of research, she learned of the demonic presence there, and that among the missing were two small children.. normally  missing people didn’t concern her.. but children, on the other hand, concerned her greatly..they couldn’t fight back ,and their fear was like an opiate for demons. She took wing immediately for Hyjal, and went hunting ,slaughtering every demon that crossed her path.

Hacking and slashing her way through the monstrous horde that tried to bring her down, she managed to cut a large swathe of carnage, when a brilliant light caught her attention, and the screams of dying demons made a little smile crossed her lips. Who ever or whatever caused the light ,is definitely worth checking out.. perhaps they may have seen the missing party . Leaping into the air, with her wings unfurled ,she  launched herself toward the source of the light , and found several charred piles of ash nearby, before venturing further. She brought her glaives up, preparing herself for battle, when she came upon larger piles of ash. and her brow furrowed.. this was unexpected.

As she moved further,she came across a cave entrance, and saw a couple of figures in the entrance with weapons at the ready; however it was the figure in the background glowing brightly  that caught her attention more. When the light dimmed then faded, she found herself staring at a little girl of no more than three or four years… she couldn’t tell..but it was apparent this child was extremely gifted in the power of the light… she would make a formidable priest, or paladin when she came of age. At first she thought the pale haired woman lying on the bed of furs was the child’s mother  but at second glance, noted the similarity between the child and the redheaded huntress pointing the bow in her direction . The troll beside her  had changed into some strange looking cat with a tusks,and a fiery red mohawk.

It took a few moments of tense discussion before she was able to convince them that she wasn’t there to harm them but to help get them home. Given that they had their hands full as it was with the children and the injured woman; she would help keep the demons at bay as she was more experienced at it then they were. She remained with them keeping them safe until a chance encounter with the search parties  while on patrol , that they were able to bring the missing back home.


With Andromeda, Birsa and children in Silvermoon, resting at the Goldmoon estate, word had been sent to her mate, as well as Morningstar Enterprises  to let them know the good news. Many agreed after the many harrowing monthes,  the long search had ended, the lost were brought back into the fold.. the fallen were brought back for burial was a good time to celebrate.

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” And a child shall lead them ..”

Mirren was only a year old when her father was called to war, leaving her ,and her mother behind to watch the farm. Though people often thought she would forget him.. she never did, because her mother would often read his letters to them , over and over again. While other children had fairy tales or tales of heros to lull them to sleep.. her father’s letters were her bedtime stories.  She was too young understand about the horrors of war; something her mother tried very hard to shelter her from, for as long as she could.

When her little brother was born..Mirren ,at the tender age of three was determined to be the best big sister she could, and would often sing to her baby brother, or tell him stories in the language only children could understand. Her mother’s cousin, Birsa, had stayed with them when her mother was pregnant; helping out with the chores,and keeping Mirren occupied while her mother rested. The  little girl began to look upon the other woman as an aunt, and listened raptly as Birsa would tell her stories of where she grew up and stories about her mother. What she enjoyed most, was the songs that she learned at Birsa’s side, which she would sing to her little brother Romar, after he was born.

Now they were stuck in the middle of nowhere , after their zeppelin went down, and while Mirren was blissfully unaware of the dangers, it wasn’t that far from her mother’s mind,nor that of the rest of the survivors. While the adults worked together to keep themselves and the children fed, Mirren would spend time with her baby brother ,chattering away to him,forging an unbreakable bond between the two. It was a surprise to all when little Mirren began exhibiting signs of being able to channel the light; it was something her mother wasn’t prepared for, expecting her eldest child to be a hunter like her parents . However it was  inevitable ,and Romy could only shake her head ; her daughter was too young ,and she wasn’t ready to send her baby to the trainers until Mirren was ready .

During the day, the little group of survivors slowly traversed the treacherous passes , avoiding the bands of demons ,and cultists who roamed freely; seeking out abandoned caves, or little overhangs to rest in ; spelling each off as they took watch as the others slept. The troll druid, Fierced would often carry Mirren on her back, and along with the other three, would look after the two children, while their mother scouted the area, being the only one who had been in the region before ,so had a rough idea where they were..  It during one of those periods that Mirren thought of her father,and the place he was at.. remembering his letters. Whether it was her newly awakened connection with the light , or her desire to see her father again; she reached out with her mind to her father. In the briefest of moments, over many miles away  a childish whisper  would reach the golden haired hunter , images flashing across the distance and a single word ” Daddy “

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Into Hell : Part Three

Day of Launch

The arrival to Brill and the voyage to Orgrimmar was fairly uneventful , though they had a three hour layover before they could catch the zeppelin to Northrend, while repairs were being made to the flying airship .Though quite sturdy,  the recent tensions between Horde and Alliance have made it necessary for the current zeppelins to be refitted with onboard guns and cannons to help defend them against airborn pirates , and Alliance soldiers. While the goblins protested about it cutting into their profits; it was pointed out that they would only increase business if it was made known that they had that extra bit of security.. This mollified them when the mention of future business prospects were brought up,and they outfitted each of the airships with enough munitions to blow off the top of  a mountain if needed.

Romy ,and Birsa took the children around the vendors while they killed time waiting for the time to catch the zeppelin to Northrend. Little Romar slept most of the time, cuddled up against his mother, in the sling that she had strapped around her that bore most his weight, and kept her hands free. Mirren,would often toddle alongside Birsa, who matched her steps with the independant three year old; who did not want to be carried. It took the both of them to keep a firm rein on the stubborn child ,who enjoyed doing things on  her own. Finally it came time for them to ascend the tower to make their flight to Northrend. The last time ,Romy was in Northrend, it was with her love, Fnar visiting her family. It was there , she found  out she was expecting Mirren; one of the  happiest days  of her life; her meeting Fnar that fateful day  in Orgrimmar was the turning point in her life. It opened up many new experiences for her; though they weren’t married in the eyes of Silvermoon, they were mates according to her tribe’s customs. Having children only cemented that bond more; she was not naive to believe that Fnar was celibate before he met  her , but after they declared their love for each other,and he had proposed marriage to her; he had been steadfast and true to her; as she was to him.

She listened idly to the chatter as the goblins moved about , carrying out their launch preparations , trying to settle her daughter into a seat, handing her a stuffed toy to play with , while they were traveling. Seeing the new toy,  Mirren gave a happy squeal and hugged it to her, before she began singing to it ,her little voice bringing a smile to the other passengers faces as they watched the little girl sitting on the bench between Romy and Birsa . Though the other passengers could not understand the language, the slow tempo was very much akin to a lullaby , however the song was more of a lament than one to sing a child to sleep. However , it was a song that Romy herself had found herself singing alot more since her love was called to war.

” Control tower, this Cloudkicker, requesting permission to depart ” 

” Cloudkicker,  this is  Control , you have clearance , have a pleasant journey “

 “Thank you , Control, helmsman, take us out at one quarter speed “

There was a slight hum as the zeppelin began to move from the dock, as the moorings were cast off and they slowly made their way out of Orgrimmar. Romy was reluctant to relax, as she never cared too much for air travel, but she forced herself to , for the sake of her children. After a few minutes as the zeppelin was clearing the gates of the Horde capital , the captain’s voice came over the speaker

” Ladies and gentlemen,  this is the captain speaking ; may I have your attention for a few moments. We are currently underway, our destination, Vengeance Landing , Northrend; estimated time of arrival, six hours, and forty three minutes.In case of  emergency , there are parachutes beneath your seats,and an emergency exit at the rear of the craft. Please remain seated during the trip, and remember there is no smoking on board. Thank you for your attention ,and  enjoy your flight … captain out “

They had just passed out of Durotar when it got dark suddenly outside, as if something big blocked out the sun. The alarm klaxxons began sounding and she could hear the running of feet as the crew scrambled to their posts .She looked out the window and gasped in shock .. enormous ships filled the sky ,and she watched in horror as they fired down upon the Crossroads and the area .

” Hard to port, get us out of here! “ the captain shouted to the helms man as they tried to bring the zeppelin around , and back to Orgrimmar . Romy could feel the airship shudder as the alien ships began firing upon the land and began focusing its attention on the airship.  Suddenly there was heavy shuddering and a loud groaning of metal ,as a shot from the alien ship impacted with the bow of the zeppelin.  Romy quickly dived for the parachutes under the seat, they were sitting on ,and quickly handed two to Birsa , to put on herself,and Mirren.  She quickly placed on herself ,and quickly grabbed  her waterskin,and soaked a little cloth and placed over Mirren’s mouth and nose, to help her avoid breathing in the smoke coming from the zeppelin. The loud sounds of cannon fire, erupting from the upper deck and the lower , nearly deafened her,and woke up Romar who wailed from the  chaos erupting around him.

“Orgrimmar control , this is the Cloudkicker. Can you read me?  We have been hit by a vessel of unknown origin . I repeat, we have been hit.. ”  the captain yelled into the radio.

”  Cloudkicker, this is control.. what is your status?….”  was the crisp reply but there was a hint of fear edging the communication officers’s voice

There was a heavy shudder as another bolt hit the ship, but whether it was due to the heavy alloy covering the ship, as protective shielding against surface to air missiles, the ship held, or sheer luck , but the shot merely bounced off the armoring , yet it dented the plating.

” We are under heavy fire,and our bow has been damaged.. request back up..!!” the captain yelled  before another blast hit the zeppelin and the first officer yelled ” They took out our reciever “ as the captain looked at the now dead radio in his hand. “ Mr Merriweather , give them everything we got.. we aren’t going down without a fight!  Mr Coppernut, get the flares up and firing .. we want to cause a bright flash that, will at least blind their sensors enough to buy us enough time to get us out of here. Ensign Steelspring, get down belowdecks and get our passengers ready for evacuation. While I have faith in this old bird, we need to see to the safety of our passengers.. if I remember correctly there are children on board..make sure they are safe “  he barked to the nearby goblin, who saluted sharply and dashed off below decks.

By the time the goblin arrived, all the passengers had already put the parachutes on , and were waiting further instructions. A grim looking troll woman demanded ” Wot be happenin’? Wot hit us?”   the ensign explained ” we aren’t sure yet, but the captain, ordered me to come down and get you ready to evacuate the ship..He is trying to the ship to a safe distance, where you can deploy safely” .  Another passenger cried out in panic ” They are everywhere?! how can he expect us to get off in the middle of nowhere ?”  The troll looked at the panicked man ” bettah then bein’ cooked alive .. at least the cap’n is thinkin’ of us ”

The airship, slowly limped to the edge of the mountains but due to the extensive damage it was flying too low . ” We coming in too low!  pull up ! PULL UP!” the captain screamed ,and the whole ship shook as the engines began to change from a hum to a loud roar as they tried to engage at the helmsman’s urging but the extensive damage was putting strain on the battered ship.  The passengers could hear the change in the engines , before they looked to each other in fear . The ship was going down.. it was now or never ,;just moments before the captain’s voice came over the speaker ” Ladies and gentlemen, if you could quickly move to the exit in an orderly fashion. An attendant will show you where the pull cords are on your parachute; those who are familiar with parachutes, please show others how to deploy them., before jumping off . Once you have landed, find shelter, and stick together, to increase your chances of rescue. The crew and I will try ,and draw our attackers away from your landing .. Good luck to you all!  

The passengers looked to each other in fear, and quickly made their way to the exit, where a little goblin awaited them, Quickly they were shown the right cords to pull , and seeing that Mirren was far too young to remember, she was quickly strapped to Birsa’s back, and ordered to hold on tight. The little girl whitefaced and grim, nodded, wrapping her little arms around her guardian’s neck ,held on for dear life, as  Birsa stepped off, followed by Romy, who had little Romar strapped to her. Thankfully for them both, Romy had experience with chutes, having used one many times, during her deployment in Pandaria.  They had just made the landing with a few scrapes ,when they heard a loud boom,as the balloon of the zeppelin was  blown apart, causing the airship to descend faster into the side of the mountain. Two passengers other than Romy , Birsa and the children , survived , the rest  going down with the ship, or falling to their deaths when their chutes caught on fire , They could hear the roar as the ship went down, and the explosion as the fuel tanks and munions went up in a fiery ball that could be seen for miles. The survivors looked on grimly as they had no idea ,and no means to communicate their whereabouts.  They were without food and water..their only weapons were the bows that Romy and Birsa carried on them, and a little hunting knife , Romy carried at her waist. The troll woman stared grimly in the direction of the crash, her bright red hair like a flame , standing like a chieftain’s war bonnet on her head; she turned her head and saw the children, and her face softened at the sight of the two little ones.” We need tah find sheltah… as well as food and watah ..” she looked to the two women, who nodded in agreement. ” Name is Fierced o’ the Darkspear ” she pointed to herself ” Romy smiled ” Andromedda Nightheart.. this is Birsa ..these are my children, Mirren, and Romar ”  Fierced nods at the introduction ” Good to tah meet ya ! Come.. we can’t stay around here too long, or them blighters that shot us down.will come lookin to examine their handiwork” she changes into a rather odd looking cat ,with red fur, large tusks,and a mohawk where a lion’s mane would be.  Mirren was entranced ” Kitty!”   she exclaimed and  struggled to get down ;which got a throaty chuckle from Fierced . A rather quiet Forsaken woman followed them ; she seemed rather shell shocked, and looking at her, Romy could see that she was newly turned.She hadn’t quite grasped the signicance of her existence . Placing a gentle hand on the other woman’s shoulder ” It will be ok.. we will survive this!” getting a grateful nod from the forsaken , who looked about ready to cry.

It was getting close to nightfall, when they found an empty cave that appeared to have been uninhabited for some time.  Romy and Birsa, began clearing out debris,and used their cloaks to make a bed for the children. It was a cold lumpy bed, but for the time being it was something.. until they could get their bearings ,and figure out where they were .  Fierced went out  hunting, her druidic skills coming in handy, as she scavenged for edible herbs, and killed some small game to roast. Madra Gwynn , as the Forsaken came to be known, did her part, by casting a small fire, to keep the children warm. Romy found out that the Forsaken woman had been married with two little ones of her own, when their farm was attacked by worgen . Her husband and children were killed, while she was forced to watch before she was killed  herself. She was raised only hours after ,her trauma and it was only recently that she was forced to accept that she was made into what she had feared.. Forsaken.Seeing Romy’s two children only reminded her of her loss but it made her determined to ensure they survived their ordeal. They took turns taking watch,and guarding the children; as well worked together to keep themselves and the children fed. Romy missed Fnar more than ever, knowing he would be worried sick about them. Neither she ,nor the other women knew where they were; but they decided it was best,to keep some distance from the wreck but remain close enough to salvage what they could from the remains of the twisted wreckage. They noticed that the remains of the captain and crew were gone.. and the foot prints of those who had come searching for them. However they weren’t sure if the seekers were friendly or not, and so they kept themselves hidden not wanting to reveal themselves just yet until they knew for sure.

To keep Mirren occupied and out of mischief, Birsa continued to teach the child , the songs and culture of their tribe; which kept the little girl, as well as Fierced and Madra entertained.It wasn’t long before she began teaching the language to the troll and Forsaken women as well; until all five were conversing in Vrykul . They gradually made the cave a little home, as they did not know where they were. Romy took time to survey the area, trying to find something familiar about the area .During one of her scouting missions, she climbed a tree and tried to get an aerial view of the landscape and recognized the location.Quickly she scanned around, picking out the familiar landmarks ,and their directions before she made her way back. She knew where they were… just need to make preparations for the journey home..


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Echos of the North

* Introducing a new character in my current line up, Brynyarr Torigsson ; a blood elf warrior with a twist *

The blood tasted salty on his tongue, and he spat out a stream of the liquid fluid that filled his mouth  , onto the snowy ground. Looking to his opponent ,a grizzled old man , who stood barechested, in the frigid air, his axe beating against the shield ; beard falling to his chest in a grey fall . Though aged ,in body, his wisdom, and ferocity keep him going. The younger man , gathered up his blade, where it had fallen on the ground ,and rolled his shoulders .

“Come on boy.. what are you ? a warrior, or a milkmaid? Afraid to hit an old man?”  the old veteran taunted the young man, who gave a bloody grimace in answer before he charged the old man, which the old man was expecting. Stepping to the side, he used his shield hand, to meet the young man’s rush,and deliver him a blow with the dulled axe he held in  his hand. The young man, surprisingly twisted out of reach , throwing the old man’s swing off ,before he brought his blade down on the shield . There was a resounding crack ,as the wood gave way ,splitting in half. Before the old man could recover from the surprise maneuver he could feel the tip of the blade at his throat. Giving a low grunt ” Better..but you still need work; you need to stop leaving your left flank open.. your fancy bladework won’t save your life if you don’t watch your flank . I want you to start learning to use a shield”

The blade left his throat ,and the young man, sheathed back into place before he quirked a dark brow as he took in the ruined shield ” Like it did for you ?1″ . the old man snorted ,and cuffed the young man upside the head to instill proper manners ” Hush whelp.. you  might be young, and strong but you are also stupid..don’t let the arrogance of youth be your downfall; like it has so many ”  Rubbing his head where the cuff connected, the young man winced but he stilled his glib tongue and listened to the older man .

While aged, the old man had long since adapted to the frigid climes of Northrend. Originally from Lordaeron, he had learned that the fighting style of the Alliance was more of a hindrance to them in the harsh environment ; so he adapted. He shed the teachings of the south and embraced the north, accepting that his fate laid in the icy realm of snow and ice.Among the many that were stranded on Northrend’s icy , he was one of the few survivors.. however unlike the rest of the survivors..who clung steadfastly to their past lives ; he left  the comfort of the settlements and struck forth to immersive himself into this ancient land.  In Lordaeron , he was Sir Edmund Chamberlaine , a member of a secret order known as the Tyr’s Guard. He was dispatched at the behest of Travard, the leader of that secretive order to Lordaeron, when news came that they were to pursue Prince Arthas to Northrend..that had been many years ago.. he lost friends.. loved ones but gained new ones in their place. During his travels he found a small settlement of high elves hidden within borders of Grizzly Hills ,and Wintergrasp; he had been the first human they had laid eyes since the Lich king had wiped out the previous inhabitants of Northrend,and raised them as zombies. How they escaped the fate , was in their ability to hide within the energies of the leylines that criss crossed Northrend. As he spent more time in their company, he found himself fitting right in,and took on the characteristics of his ancestors.. the vrykul.. the ability to withstand the bitter colds,the increased stamina and strength. While his order was across the sea, possibly in ruins..he was reborn in a sense ..and thus became Einar the Old.. as the only human in the settlement, his apparent age and wisdom , was sought out by the elves. His years of fighting , had garnered him the position of mentor to many of the village’s warriors and shieldmaidens. His ability to channel the Light ,and his vast knowledge of the world that they were ignorant to , earned him a place as an elder on the council..

Looking at the strapping young man before him, he found it hard to believe that the lad before him was already a man grown.  It seemed like only yesterday that his mother had birthed him, and yet here  he was , training to be warrior , like her. The old veteran merely leaned over and grabbed a shield, and handed it to the young man., before clapping him on the shoulder ” You have potential, Brynyarr.. you just need to temper your zeal for battle with wisdom; calling to the gods for strength is all fine and good but they expect you to earn that strength, and want you to think for yourself , not become a mindless sheep like so many ” he advises the young man in a firm tone that commanded respect. The young man nodded in  understanding and bowed  his head in respect to the elder before taking the shield firm in hand ” I understand ,elder… I will learn to use the shield ,like you advised .. hopefully our next session will go better ,yes?”  he looked to his mentor ,noting the fine webbing of wrinkles about the old man’s eyes . Though he didn’t look it, Old Einar was far older than he should be ,given the climate.. most newcomers barely made it past their first winter , those that did; proved to be alot hardier than their counterparts. However he didn’t see Old Einar, as one of those weak southerners.. the old grizzled veteran had more than earned his place, and when the time that Odyn called him to the sacred halls of Valhalla.. he would be given a proper send off.   The old man, merely nodded and waved him off  ” good.. now go.. I’m sure your mother has some chores for you …tell her the biscuits were well recieved .. Huln and I had a good feed this morning ” he gestures to the massive grizzly , who snoozed nearby.

Bryn chuckled but he made a wary circle around the bear.. he respected the power and strength of the beast. Old Einar wrestled the bear for several hours , getting between it and the children before the bear gave in . Since then , the bear became a fixture ,and never left Old Einar’s side , often dozing in the sun while Einar taught the young men the basic rudiments of fighting and the principles of warfare. The only family that Einar had , was his wife  Agnetta, whom he had met and married when he arrived in the village; sadly Agnetta  passed on due to a lingering illness but his daughter had become the village smith much to everyone’s surprise; a skill and profession passed on by her father.

Taking the shield, and his blade, Brynyarr, made his way to the long house that he share with his parents and siblings , nodding to his mother Eire and sister , Svanhilde ;who sat outside plucking chickens  for the evening meal , and to his brother , Egil, who was close by , chopping wood. Noticing his father’s absence , as well as that of his younger brother ,Haldur; he looked around ” Where is father, and Haldur ?”  he asked in concern “They are at the village council, speaking to them about expanding the village ;as we are greatly outgrowing the village and we need to expand the defenses to encompass the new longhouses that will going up in the future ”  his mother replied, not lifting her head from her task ” Ah..I see. ” before he leans down and plants a kiss on her cheek ,as he sets the shield down ,along with his blade. Taking one of the birds, he joins them in plucking it, to speed up their task. Looking up , to see her eldest helping her and his sister,Eire smiled  faintly ..Though Brynyarr was not his father’s son, her husband had adopted the lad as his own, when they were married. As far , Bryn knew, Alvar was his father ; she barely thought of the dark skinned warrior ,whom she had laid with those many years ago, and concieved  Brynyarr. It was only for a night’s pleasure but shortly after they parted she found out she was pregnant. However she had never seen her son’s sire after that one night.. and she doubted she ever would. She knew Alvar for some time, and during her pregnancy , he was there for her, and helped her when Bryn came during a snowstorm, before the midwife could be fetched. It was that bond that brought them close, and shortly after Brynyarr was born,  she and Alvar were wed. In the following years, he would be followed by brothers Egil, and Haldur ,as well as a sister Svanhilde. Though life was hard in Northrend, they were fortunate .. they had a thriving community, and have developed trade alliances with the Taunka and the Tuskarr.  The balmy summers of Grizzly hills  made planting crops possible , giving them a variety of vegetables ,and other crops in which they could trade for fish, shellfish ,and other crustaceans , they couldn’t find in Grizzly hills.

Once the chickens were plucked and cleaned; he took his shield and blade inside, where he filled a bowl full of water ,from a nearby pitcher, and cleaned the sweat from his face and body, occasionally catching glimpses of himself in the mirror. Pausing to take a look at himself , he frowned at the darker skin he inherited from his sire, as well as the ebon locks , but the eyes.. were all his own. Not the fel green but more of a mix of golds , and rusts..very much like a panther’s own, as Old Einar would describe them.,, or that of a hungry wolf. His chiseled features were sharp ,and angular, rugged in some ways, yet refined in others. The bridge of his nose ,had a lump where he had broken it during a sparring session with his best friend Haakon. His mouth was thin lipped but sensual, frequently breaking into a ready grin ,or a wicked smirk depending on the situation. He couldn’t complain about the broad muscular shoulders, nor the broad chest, and narrow waist that he had the good fortune to inherit through either good genes or the extensive training he underwent each day . With narrow hips, and long muscular legs, he was quite tall , compared to  his father,and siblings, even towering over his best friend. Splashing over  his face, he raked a calloused hand through the long unruly locks , brushing them out of his eyes but they persisted in falling into his face. Sighing in resignation, he grabbed a piece of string , he gathered a handful of hair ,and tied it back before he rubbed his chin, pondering how he would look with a beard before snorting in disgust, changing into clean clothes.



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